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Freedom of Information Request to Lorain City Schools

The following items are being requested of the Board of Education under the Freedom of Information Act.

  1. An excel spreadsheet of every current employee of Lorain City Schools including janitors, teachers, administrators, security, maintenance, lawyers, secretaries and anyone who receives money for services that I have not included. Along with their name, We would like the position they hold, their classification i.e., teacher, administrator, support staff etc., and their annual salary. This information should be readily available.
  2. Meeting agendas with more than 6 hours notice of a school board meeting   Currently on the school board website these are not available until noon of the day of the meeting. Citizens are not given enough time to plan or research prior to board meetings happening. Because of this they are unable to prepare questions or voice their opinions over issues because they are given so little time to prepare.  It is our understanding that this is a school board policy.  This needs to be removed if the school board truly wants parents and citizens to participate in the process.
  3. Student enrollment figures from 1990 to 2008. If you could provide a breakdown of every year in the above date range that would be great.
  4. A breakdown of what has been spent on administration from 1990 to 2008. The Ohio Department of Education provides some of this data, but we would like to see your numbers.
  5. The proper legal name and address for the all of the labor unions the District negotiates with. Since a portion of employee salaries are paid to these unions we would like to know who they are.
  6. In the Board of Education agenda dated July, 17, 2008, Under IV.  Item 1, Gary Brantley was appointed to Chief Information Officer annual salary of $98,800.00 Rate Group A, Step 1 of Senior Administrator Staff Salary Schedule. Please provide the Salary Schedule for all levels of ALL employees in the Lorain School System including Administrators, support staff, teachers and anyone we have not mentioned.  In addition, an explanation of the procedure employees have to follow to move up in the salary schedule.

If citizens have any other requests, please put them in the comments.


The Cost of an Administration

Enrollment is 1994, almost 15 years ago was 10,479 students.  The cost of our administration at the time,  $7,825,666.  Today we have a student population of only 8,557.  And the administration costs, $13,844,868; Nearly double.

The District has some performance issues and a strange fact emerged when looking at the Ohio Department of Education data.  In 1994-95, the School system spent $43,929,184 on instructional expenditures:  Which represents 62.9% of budget. In 2006-2007 they spent $51,357,667 on instructional expenditures: Which represents 53.2% of budget. $43,929,184 & $51,357,667?  it’s almost the exact same amount over 15 years and yet Administration costs doubled.  Could this be the reason the district is doing so poorly?  Is the agenda to grow the administration while leaving our kids behind by spending no more per year on instructional expenditures?


We are trying to open a can of worms and expose citizens and parents to the real situation the school system finds itself in.  You won’t hear it from the District, the city, or the local paper because their political solution is to have you pay more by proposing a levy in November.  If you attend school board meetings come equiped with the Ohio Department of Education Reports Cards or do your own research with the source link provided and hold them accounatble for your tax dollars.  Ask good questions and most of all demand the truth.