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The Numbers Are In!

For the 2007-2008 school year.  We contacted Jim Payton of the Ohio Department of Education and he made it happen, so a huge thanks to Jim.  Here are the comparative numbers from the 2006-2007 school year and 2007-2008 school year for Lorain City Schools.  Well done Dr. Atkinson for reducing spending in your first year.   If you can keep this up and get that administration to a reasonable level, you won’t need that levy.  She will be our new hero if she continues on this path!

Enrollment is down 340 students



Administration is down 2.8 million

06-07- $13,844,686

07-08- $11,044,077

Building Operations & Expenditures down $504,889



Staff Support Expenditures down $1.8 million



Pupil Support Expenditures down $1.2 million



Instructional Expenditures down 5.8 million



These cuts are a start in the right direction!  Our hope in the next school year, we can get the administration down to $8 million.  The trend has been while enrollment has steadily dwindled, administration was rising in contrast.    But in order to see the big picture, lets look at the trends for the last 12 years.  Yes, more charts…

Administration from 1995-2008 (Click on for a closer view)

  • A good start in reducing, but a long way to go.  It should never have gotten that high in the first place.  Dropping what was way over spent isn’t an accomplishment it’s what should be expected.   Would like to see this at 2001 spending levels at which point we still had almost 2,000 more students.


Enrollment from 1995-2008

  • Steadily dropping with no end in site.  Strange that the above chart moves in the opposite direction of enrollment.


Revenue per student from 1995-2008 broken down by sources:

  • Local money in red has held steady, Federal and State has risen.


Educational Expenditures from 1995-2008

  • Current totals look more like 1995 totals (42:45).  Maybe a reason for our low academic performance.


Staff Expenditures from 1995-2008

very strange spike in 05-06 $6.2 mill, held pretty steady until then and is leveling back off.


Pupil Support Expenditures from 1995-2008

  • These are totals not per student with almost 2,000 less students from 1995



The Board of Education is pushing out misinformation that there is a connection being made to grant money and administrators.  Apparently if you write a grant in Lorain you automatically get stuck with a crap load of administrators; only this phenomenon isn’t happening anywhere else in the county.  Here are Elyria’s charts.  Enrollment and Administrative costs.   They’ve some how figured out how to write the administrators out of grants and still get the money.  Maybe we need to call them and see how they are doing it… or stop making this ridiculous connection.

Enrollment 95-08

  • It’s been falling but has been steady for the past 6 years


Administrative costs 95-08:

  • It’s growing but overall pretty steady for the last 8 years



Who Controls the Children

Who Controls the Children This presentation by teacher, Peg Luksik studies the influences government wields over the teaching of children in public schools, even though it is forbidden to do so, and how this control creates children who do not question authority, making them easier to manage as citizens and employees.

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