Monthly Archives: March 2009

5K Bonus for Failed District Head

If this doesn’t slap every Lorain student in the face, I’m not sure what does.  The school board gave a $5,000 bonus to the current superintendent even though her district slid to  “Academic Watch” , proving it isn’t about our kids at all.  The Ohio Department of Education gave Lorain  “Academic Watch”, as a grade.  Before her employ we were in “Continuous Improvement” for two years.  Now we are in Academic Watch.  The levy failed.  When they put their hand out again, please look at this and realize it isn’t about the kids at all.  If the district has financial issues you don’t give bonuses, when we are one of the lowest ranking schools academically in the state you don’t reward this.  This is their little secret they just pretend doesn’t exist.  They should have said, get our state designation to “Effective”   and we’ll give you a bonus.  This is the most unjustified bonus to date.  Please remember this at the voting booth when selecting school board members and if they dare put another levy on the ballot.