Monthly Archives: February 2010

It is upon us again

May 2010 we are going to have to go to the polls and tell them No!  Again.  We have an administration that is double what it was when we had 2,500 more  kids.  And the administration grows while enrollment plummets.  The system is in academic watch while still spending the most per  kid, teacher and administration then any district in the county.  Money obviously isn’t the answer.  Just a mile down the road in Amherst,  that school district achieves academic honors.

We have a superintendent that got a $5,000 bonus, for what nobody is quite sure.  When she took the district it was in Continuous Improvement she has since received Academic Watch two years in a row from the State while each year achieving less of the state standards.

The district has done a great job of trying to snow the public into thinking things are better while avoiding the subject of the state report card as if it doesn’t matter to our property values and the overall opinion of the “education” received my Lorain graduates to the outside world including employers.

In the last year the Superintendent got a raise and  her contract was altered so she didn’t have to actually live in our district.  If we recall she said she  couldn’t find a house in  Lorain that “fit her lifestyle”.  She lives in an estimated $750,000 home owned by the District’s legal council, funny isn’t he the one who took the residency clause out of her contract?   No conflict there.  We guess a continued rent check isn’t a a motivation to change a contract.  Her package is about a quarter of a million dollars and wow is that a price to pay for a high priced Public Relations person.

The recent threat of a combined high school could all be stopped if the administration was brought down to a reasonable level.  Lots of high paid chiefs hardly any warriors on the front lines (teachers).  We need more chiefs I guess and less warriors.  Wait that isn’t right!

Do what you do best, reign this district in, the best way to stop corruption is stop giving it money.  We have the power of the pocketbook.  Tell them what’s important this May.  Start educating our kids then come to us for more money!