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Statistic Updates from the Ohio Department of Education

Just in time for Tuesday’s voting, we have updated stats on how Lorain Compares to other districts in the county.  All data is taken from the Ohio Department of Education’s Website.


Lorain has lost even more students while Elyria is edging up to almost the same size of a district.

Administration CostsLorain remains the highest even after closing multiple schools and consolidating the high schools.  Many  cities are going to a centralized  administration so only one superintendent is required  for a whole county, consolidating the system and lowering the cost to taxpayers.

Graduation Rate

Lorain remains the lowest, still struggling with academics and getting kids to graduate.

Median Income by District

A glance at this proves income levels don’t have a whole lot to do with outcomes.  Clearview has a lower median income then Lorain but out performs on every level.

State Report Card by District

Lorain’s shameful performance with 1 parameter met really shows where the focus isn’t; on our kids.  Take note, invert the cost of administration and this graph lines right up with cost compared to results.

Please go to the polls informed!