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Dekalb parents speak out


A Call to action

The citizen’s of Lorain have to get involved in this recent turn of events.  If Dimacchia and Biber are allowed to be involved in the replacement of Atkinson we will be strapped with this person for the next four years.  We have to be vocal and insistent that they only be involved in the temporary superintendent and not the replacement.  November is only two and a half months away.  The word on the street is these two board members will be voted out.  With them leaving, the attorney will be restored to the law director and the process of healing will begin.   We cannot let Biber and Dimacchia have any input in our new superintendent.  This would be disastrous for our district.  Biber is probably not going to even be on the November ballot due to his residency in Sheffield Lake, but we need citizens to get involved.  The Morning Journal will be of no help.  They are complicit with this rogue element and will continue to plaster pure garbage regarding these candidates and the current superintendent.  The Journal is now blocking comments that are not favorable of what they are saying.   Censoring any opinions that are not in line with their own.  Notice lately most of the comments are in favor?  This local paper has proved itself obsolete.  This paper is out of control and clueless!

Board Members sad? 

Much Improved?

As they base this on a report that hasn’t even been released yet.  We all know about the phenomena  of combing schools and report cards looking better temporarily.