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The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2010-2011.  5 out of 26 state indicators met.

The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2009-2010.  1 out of  26 state indicators met.

The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2008-2009.  3 out of 30 state indicators met.

The Yearly Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education is in for 2007-2008. 4 of 30 state indicators met.

This year’s report card would have any parent demanding answers and requesting an intervention.The numbers are just bad.Lorain City Schools are officially on “Academic Watch”.We met 4 of 30 state standards, and this report is not a “one glance”, it needs to be studied to understand just how bad things are.The last four years things have not gotten better, we haven’t even achieved at least steady progress; we have done worse.For your review please look at 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, and I have linked the most recent above.

Here is a breakdown for the last four years:

Year- Rating -Superintendent -State Indicators Met -Performance Index Score

04-05-Academic Watch-Morgan  3- 78.1 out of 120

05-06 -Continuous Improv -Morgan 6-82.3 out of 120

06-07-Continuous Improv -Morgan4-80.6 out of 120

07-08 -Academic Watch- Atkinson4 -77.8 out of 120

08-09-Academic Watch Atkinson 3-78.6 out of 120

These minimum scores need to be met by every school in the state.It’s important to look at the state report card to see if we are following the trend or setting our own.Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening in the state:

Performance Index is rising steady, in 99-00 it was at 73.7, in 07-08 it was raised to 92.3 overall for the state.More districts than ever before are designated effective, this reflects over 85% of the total state school districts in the state.In 2003 there were 34 schools on Academic Watch, in 2007-08 there were only nine, and we are one of that nine.So the trend is that Ohio schools are easily meeting and exceeding the state standards, Lorain Schools however, are not.

A convenient answer to “why” things are the way they are, might first be to blame the economy, but the trend is showing we are in the minority.Here’s a breakdown of what’s being spent per student.We are not spending the lowest.We are actually second in spending per student in the County. Chart 1

The next logical jump for why we are performing so low is we don’t have the money to get good teachers.But that’s not what the data says.We are paying the highest average per teacher in Lorain County with $57,705.00 per teacher. Chart 2

What’s left to explain these embarrassing statistics?Of course, big school; high student to teacher ratio.  Chart 3.  Again, this is not the answer, we are one of the lowest.And we have a huge district compared to the other schools.So my last and final explanation is every school in the district must be doing as poorly…

Take a look at how the other schools in the County are doing…Chart 4

Money is not the issue or the problem.We are already spending more than most districts per student, more on teachers and we just can’t blame the usual suspects because they don’t apply here.

It’s your money.You decide if this is a good investment.I have one last graph for your review. Chart 5. What the districts spends on administration.Now I’m reminded of the joke, “How many school administrators does it take to change a light bulb?The answer: $13.8 million worth, only the light bulb never comes on…


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