Your School Board

Phone: 440-233-2271 Fax: 440-282-9151
Address: 2350 Pole Avenue Lorain, Ohio 44052

We have 2 school board positions that will be expiring in December of 2011.  Please consider running for school board!  To run for school board you must file a petition 75 days prior to an election.  Based on Lorain’s population you will need between 150 signatures and a max of 450 signatures (no more).  There is a filing fee of $30.00 and if you are a single person running you will use form 3T, a group of candidates form 3U.  These forms may change before the next election.  This is a 4 year term and is non partisan, meaning your party is not made public.  The pay for this position is based on attendance at meetings.  It’s currently $125.00 per meeting.  If you plan to spend money you have to file with the campaign finance department of the Board of Elections per Allison, Lorain County BOE.

School Board Meeting Dates

School Board Agendas & Minutes

The School Board makes meeting agendas available at noon the day of the meeting.  We will update and keep an archive of agendas once they start posting them.

To Contact these members via e-mail:


Dale Weber-

Paul Biber:

Tony Dimacchia :

Jim J. Smith:


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