Great News!!!

Update, it’s official, Cheryl Atkinson was hired in DeKalb!  Now let’s get a superintendent who does something!  Lorain has a new beginning today, Super Cheryl Atkinson may be the new superintendent  in Dekalb Georgia!  She has to wait  14 days from their announcement.    We are now starting on a path to recovery and this is just the first step.  We have to keep this in perspective.  If the current board members who are up for re-election have anything to do with the selection of superintendent we will be right back where we started 4 years ago.  The community has to be excited at the prospect of a new superintendent.  We have to reign this process in my electing two new board members to change the dynamics of the board and the district.    Let’s not forget in November we can replace board members Tony Dimacchia and Paul Biber.  It’s a new day in Lorain we have hope!

Here’s a snapshot of our current superintendent’s resume with nice annotations 

Dekalb delving into Atkinson’s past (video)

DeKalb Parents Respond To Cheryl Atkinson as Superintendent Choice (video)

Parents Mobilize Against School Chief Candidate Atkinson

Two Dekalb Board Members can’t support Atkinson

DeKalb County Ga., Top Pick for School Superintendent, Cheryl L. Atkinson, Led Worst Performing School District in Ohio, Why Bring Her Here?

Ninety percentage of parents in Dekalb disapprove of Atkinson

The state rep in Dekalb is getting involved in keeping Atkinson out, Doesn’t like the 3/4 of the board on termination clause in the proposed contract.

Are you getting the impression we were a bunch of chumps for hiring her in 2007?

The renewal levy passed, could it be because of this news?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Site 3 dies on the Vine!  After much angst from the citizens, The Ohio School Facilities Commission has formally rejected Lorain City Schools plan for the new high school by the Black River

It’s that time again!

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Citizen Help is Needed

The Morning Journal announced today that the board is going forward with site three even though their has been much opposition for site three.   They are placing a sign at the site three location saying it is going to be built there.  We have a voice.  Just because the board of education refuses to listen doesn’t mean the OSFC won’t listen.  The Ohio School Facilities Commission needs to hear from you about site three, click here to let them know how you feel.   They can be e-mailed at program.info@osfc.ohio.gov


Click here before going to the polls

The Numbers are in for 2009-2010 School year

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Take a look at the declining trends in enrollment and the skyrocketing cost of the administration in Lorain City Schools.  Administrators don’t teach kids, teachers teach kids.  When we had 2,200 more students the administration was costing us only $6.9 million.   Now it’s costing us $11.3 million with 2,200 less kids.  Shouldn’t the trend be parallel with the enrollment trends?  Do we need all those chiefs?  What exactly are they doing?  Cut the current administration to $6.9 million.  Administrators are the highest paid school personnel.  Most administrators are useless.  They do the least and cost the most.  Show good faith and do what’s right!  Always cut administration first, teachers dead last.

Click on the map above to see the entire state

Ohio Update

85% of all schools in the state of Ohio are deemed “effective” or higher by the Ohio Department of Education.  In 2008-2009 a total of 128 Districts and 680 schools in Ohio improved their designations.  State Report .  The Effective and higher schools are blue and green in the above map, the red and pink areas are the Academic Watch and Emergency areas.  A visual scan shows the districts in the state are meeting the state demands for performance.

Three positions are open in 2009.  Go to the Your School Board page for more information.  We have to send a clear message to cut the administration by half to meet the budgetary constraints.   They have accomplished reducing 2.8 million of the 7 million that needs to be reduced.  If the current school board won’t do it, we need to get people voted in who will.  Our kids are dead last academically.  We can’t suffer anymore as a community than we are now.  We need a massive change in the way things are done.  Our kids are at stake!  Don’t just rubber stamp the same people connected to the same corruption.  If you really care, prove it.

Lorain has a struggling school district with some dismal academic results based on the Ohio Department of Education’s Report Card.  With the largest outlay of any school district in the county for Administration ($13.8 Million) and the highest average teacher salary ($57,705), and the second highest in spending per student ($10,844),  this high spending isn’t yielding academic results.

As concerned citizens and parents we want to provide information not readily available to the community by the Board of Education, the Superintendent or the District on the whole.  More transparent leadership will allow voters and parents to make informed decisions regarding the school system.

Citizens4 Better Lorain Schools is a chance for parents and citizens to get involved in the school system.  We will make our voice heard and we will get the necessary information needed for the school system to work for us and to bring success to our kids.


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